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The Meeulanders are based in Vredenburg

Club president : Andrew Wood

It all started in 1997 when a group of local West Coast bikers drove together, from time to time. They decided to form a social club where they set dates and times for rides.
Not long after this they changed the social club to a Motorcycle club with colors.
Their first meeting took place in a small hall in Saldanha academy. Present where Johan le Roux, Werner van Wyk, Andre Kroese, Frank Gallion, Pieter Righter, Charl de Goede, Steven Borstlap and Floors Momberg.

The club name Meeulander MCC was chosen at that meeting.
The new club name was proposed by Pieter and their colors was designed by Johan's wife.
Werner van Wyk was elected as President and Johan le Roux was elected as Vice President.

The Meeulander Motorcycle Clubs' previous and present  Presidents:
1. Werner van Wyk
2. Johan le Roux
3. Charl de Goede
4. Koos Bronkhorst
5. Frans Niemann
6. Divi de Vries (current)

The club grew by the years and are now at a total of 43 Meeulander MCC members. We have a monthly meeting dubbed "Peppa dew" which happens every last Thursday of a month.
 The name "Peppa dew" originated during one of  the meetings in 1997. As a plate of Peppa dews was put on the table and one of the members asked: "is this now a Peppadew?" The name stuck and all the meetings since then were called Peppadews.

The Meeulander motorcycle club has a breakfast run every first Sunday of the month which welcomes all riders (not exclusive) and every second Sunday they attend the Bikers Church service in Vredenburg.
Once a year, normally in September we have a "Tin run" on a Saturday morning. We choose various grocery stores in Vredenburg, Saldanha, Langebaan and St Helena Bay with members divided into groups of 4 to 6 and collect tins of food as people enter and exit the selected stores. The food is then handed over to the Round Table and they distribute it to where it is needed the most - We collect on average 2500 tins.

In October we have our official run which is a sleepover called “The Dart run". We leave early on a Saturday morning on a pre-selected route to various pubs where darts are thrown with the final tally and prize-giving at the final stop. The next morning we will pack up and ride to the nearest restaurant or hotel and have a nice breakfast.


February 2017 the Meeulander MCC elected a new president and vice as per our constitution. Andrew Wood was elected as new president with Craig Welch as vice. A number of exec members were appointed which is Steven Borstlap and Jannie Vorster. The rest remained as is.

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